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Capital Allocation for Credit Portfolios under Normal and Stressed Market Conditions

by Norbert Jobst of Lloyds Banking Group, and
Dirk Tasche of Lloyds Banking Group

March 10, 2012

Abstract: If the probability of default parameters (PDs) fed as input into a credit portfolio model are estimated as through-the-cycle (TTC) PDs stressed market conditions have little impact on the results of the capital calculations conducted with the model. At first glance, this is totally different if the PDs are estimated as point-in-time (PIT) PDs. However, it can be argued that the reflection of stressed market conditions in input PDs should correspond to the use of reduced correlation parameters or even the removal of correlations in the model. Additionally, the confidence levels applied for the capital calculations might be made reflective of the changing market conditions. We investigate the interplay of PIT PDs, correlations, and confidence levels in a credit portfolio model in more detail and analyse possible designs of capital-levelling policies. Our findings may be of interest to banks that want to combine their approaches to capital measurement and allocation with active portfolio management which, by its nature, needs to be reflective of current market conditions.

AMS Classification: 62P05.

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