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AMS 65C20

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AMS Classification 65C20
"Models, numerical methods"

These are all the papers that have the " 65C20 " classification. Note that not all authors/journals assign MSC codes.     (sorted by date)

Counterparty Risk FAQ: Credit VaR, PFE, CVA, DVA, Closeout, Netting, Collateral, Re-hypothecation, WWR, Basel, Funding, CCDS and Margin Lending
by Damiano Brigo of King's College, London
(570K PDF) -- 57 pages -- June 19, 2012

Pricing Basket Default Swaps in a Tractable Shot-noise Model
by Alexander Herbertsson of the University of Gothenburg,
Jiwook Jang of the Macquarie University, and
Thorsten Schmidt of the Chemnitz University of Technology
(683K PDF) -- 18 pages -- January 25, 2011

Ŕ la Carte of Correlation Models: Which one to choose?
by Harry Zheng of the Imperial College of London
(141K PDF) -- 12 pages -- October 19, 2010

Pricing Synthetic CDO Tranches in a Model with Default Contagion using the Matrix-Analytic Approach
by Alexander Herbertsson of the University of Gothenburg
(406K PDF) -- 31 pages -- September 10, 2008

A Stochastic Processes Toolkit for Risk Management
by Damiano Brigo of FitchSolutions,
Antonio Dalessandro of FitchSolutions,
Matthias Neugebauer of FitchSolutions, and
Fares Triki of FitchSolutions
(2,995K PDF) -- 43 pages -- November 15, 2007

Default Contagion in Large Homogeneous Portfolios
by Alexander Herbertsson of Göteborg University
(1,512K PDF) -- 24 pages -- November 10, 2007

Modelling Default Contagion using Multivariate Phase-type Distributions
by Alexander Herbertsson of Göteborg University
(862K PDF) -- 36 pages -- November 10, 2007

Pricing k-th-to-default Swaps Under Default Contagion: The matrix-analytic approach
by Alexander Herbertsson of Göteborg University, and
Holger Rootzen of Chalmers University of Technology
(448K PDF) -- 27 pages -- November 27, 2006

Tail Approximation for Credit Risk Portfolios with Heavy-tailed Risk Factors
by Krassimir Kostadinov of the Munich University of Technology
(262K PDF) -- 24 pages -- January 2005


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