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Black, Fischer and John C. Cox, "Valuing Corporate Securities: Some Effects of Bond Indenture Provisions", Journal of Finance, Vol. 31, No. 2, (May 1976), pp. 351-367.

Abstract: In a recent paper Black and Scholes [3] presented an explicit equilibrium model for valuing options. In this paper they indicated that a similar analysis could potentially be applied to all corporate securities. In other papers, both Merton [8] and Ross [11][REF] noted the broad applicability of option pricing arguments. At the same time Black and Scholes also pointed out that actual security indentures have a variety of conditions that would bring new features and complications into the valuation process.

Our objective in this paper is to make some general statements on this valuation process and then turn to an analysis of certain types of bond indenture provisions which are often found in practice. Specifically, we will look at the effects of safety covenants, subordination arrangements, and restrictions on the financing of interest and dividend payments.

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