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Acharya, Viral V., Sanjiv Ranjan Das , and Rangarajan K. Sundaram. "Pricing Credit Derivatives with Rating Transitions", Financial Analysts Journal, Vol. 58, No. 3, (May/June 2002), pp. 28-44.

Abstract: We present a model for pricing risky debt and valuing credit derivatives that is easily calibrated to existing variables. Our approach expands a classical termucture model to allow for multiple rating classes of debt. The framework has two salient features: (1) it uses a rating-transition matrix as the driver for the default process, and (2) the entire set of rating categories is calibrated jointly, which allows arbitrage-free restrictions across rating classes as a bond migrates among them. We illustrate the approach by applying it to price credit-sensitive notes that have coupon payments linked to the rating of the underlying credit.

JEL Classification: G12, G13.

Keywords: Risky Debt, Rating Transitions, Credit Derivatives, Credit Sensitive Note, HJM Model.

Previously titled: Arbitrage-free Pricing of Credit Derivatives with Rating Transitions --and-- A Discrete-Time Approach to No-Arbitrage Pricing of Credit Derivatives with Rating Transitions

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